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Welcome and Selamat Datang!

On behalf of the Malaysian Association for Cancer Research (MACR), in proud partnership with MAHSA University, and a distinguished coalition of other local public and private universities, we are thrilled to welcome you to the 3rd MACR International Scientific Conference (3rd MSC).
This year, with the theme “Addressing Disparities in Cancer Management: Translating Discoveries into Equitable Care”, 3rd MSC sets an ambitious agenda to bridge the vast chasm of disparities within cancer care. As we unite researchers, clinicians, and healthcare advocates from across the globe, our collective vision is to forge pathways towards equitable cancer management and treatment for all.
Our Commitment:
The narrative of cancer care is riddled with inequities—access to pioneering treatments, early detection through screening, and the leveraging of nutrition in patient care remain unequal. Our commitment through this conference is to challenge these disparities head-on, fostering an environment where groundbreaking discoveries translate into care that knows no boundaries.
What to Expect:
Innovative Forums: Delve into critical discussions on cancer screening, prevention, and the transformative role of personalized nutrition for those on the journey through cancer treatment and beyond.
Collaborative Opportunities: The conference is not just a platform for knowledge exchange but a valuable platform for collaborations. Networking here means joining forces with peers dedicated to making a difference in the cancer care landscape.
Educational Richness: A cross-disciplinary programme, ranging from new cancer drug discovery, translational cancer medicine, clinical trials of new cancer drugs, as well as cancer prevention and screening had been put forward. Through this carefully curated program, participants will gain insights into the latest research findings, clinical advancements, and policy shifts driving health equity in cancer care.
Join Us:
We stand at the threshold of change. This conference is your opportunity to be part of a global dialogue, shaping the future of cancer care to be more inclusive, innovative, and impactful. Whether you are presenting groundbreaking research, sharing clinical experiences, or seeking new collaborations, your voice is vital in our shared journey towards equity in health.
Let us make the 3rd MSC a milestone event in our collective pursuit where cancer care equity is not an aspiration but a reality. See you in person at 3rd MSC! 

Professor Dr. Johnson Stanslas
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Co-Chair 1
Dr. Audrey Yong Chee Hui
MAHSA University

Co-Chair 2
Dr. Ooi Der Jiun
MAHSA University

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